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  1. Thanks rdgldy!

    I know as a total newbie, the rilo suggestion would be most welcomed. :smile:
  2. i tried doing that but there are others who still post responses after me... :sad:
  3. :hugs: :smooch:
  4. I'm guilty of writing responses to "newbies." When I was new, it was difficult navigating through the sizing threads, etc. I do, however, understand that it creates unnecessary threads. I just don't understand why there are exceptions to the "rule." One thread was closed because a poster asked about the gap in her new shoes, but another dragged on because the poster added pics. Why wasn't she referred to search through threads? :confused1:
  5. I don't think it's a fact of being an exception to the rule. Mods can't be everywhere at once so if a member reports such threads they tend to be dealt with faster. Now that we have two mods in here the volume of unnecessary threads should slow down. :smile:
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    I am trying to find out the insole measurements on a nude patent Joli D'Orsay in a size 39.5. Where could I find this information? Thanks!
  7. You might ask in the sizing thread. There is also an insole measurement thread, perhaps search "Insole" in the thread title.
    Let us know if you have trouble finding it.
  8. that's fine, good thinking
  9. Thanks, this is fantastic!
  10. LoubieLover21 Oh yay! You found this thread! I was posted a link to direct you here. The CL subforum can be quite daunting when you're new.
    Let us know if we can help out at all.



  11. you are awesome! Thanks!! is very helpful!
  12. ^^^ :hugs: :welcome2:
  13. this is all very helpful, I'm new here to this forum, and I appreciate it.
  14. Welcome Miss D.I.!
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