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  1. This awesome thread needs a bump, I think!
  2. It is completely intimidating to be new....this thread was what I read before I even tried responding to anything or asking questions and I am extremely grateful for it being here! Thank you :smile:.
  3. Yay, it's a sticky!

  4. :hugs: Welcome! We were all new once.
  5. Welcome cts900 are those graffiti flats in your avi?
  6. Hi CTS900 Welcome to THE CL CLUB! :yahoo:
  7. Thank you all for the warm welcome JetSet, Hya, and Bagg! I appreciate the kindness. I lurked and read and watched for a loooooong time before having the courage to join. And Hya! Yes, they are and I LIVE in them.
  8. Thanks, Jet!
  9. welcome to the obsession!
  10. Thanks, Jet! You rock! :flowers: Can't believe no one has done this before!

    If I could make a suggestion... when newbies post such threads (sizing, authenticity, help me find, etc.), I think it would be best to point them to this thread and/or the appropriate thread and then report their thread so it gets closed instead of answering their questions. That way, I think they will better learn to post in the appropriate thread, because if we continue to answer their questions in newly created threads, it gives them no incentive to follow the rules. I hope this makes sense...
  11. rilo, great idea!
  12. totally agree, Rilo. I will do that from now on.
  13. good thinking, rilo! :tup:
  14. Thanks, ladies :biggrin: I know there are TPFers who do this already (like julies*shoes, sumnboutme, etc), but I thought it would be helpful to put it out there for those who don't! :flowers:
  15. Great idea, Rilo!