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  1. Welcome to the club.
  2. Thank you!
  3. I hear this site is awesome!
  4. It is and very addictive!! Welcome!!
  5. Hello! :wave:
    I've been the occasional lurker on here for quite a while and decided it's definitely time to signup!
    I got my first pair of Louboutins in August 2013, and my second pair just 3 days ago! I'm looking forward to expanding my collection :lol:
  6. Hello,

    I spent days trolling this forum for valuable information before calling the Sydney boutique who then passed me on to DJ in Melbourne who had what I was looking for. Having the correct "terminology" certainly made things a lot smoother.
  7. I got one pair and found this forum, so I am new. Thank you very much for the information. It's a great thread.
  8. Forum has been a tremendously helpful buying guide. Am about to purchase my 3rd pair (1st pair of CL boots) and will be referencing back to TPF. Thank you for all the useful info!
  9. Welcome! Nice to have you with us!
  10. Hello to everybody
    I am a guy with a passion for heels and always been a fan of CL's.
    I have just ordered my first pair and cant wait for them to arrive. Also thanks to thoses who have helped me already
  11. Awesome thread!
  12. Hi, I'm new to the site and new to CL's also. I'm not sure if there was already a thread about this so decided to ask here.

    As I go through sites with CL's I find that there are some styles that seem to look identical. So if you can help i would be most grateful.

    What is the difference between Pigalle's, So Kate's and Decollete's?

  13. Hi, is there a thread for advice on how to proceed after receiving fakes? It wasn't an ebay purchase but an online store that I think are fraudulent. My husband bought them for me and I don't want him to lose his money :sad: thanks in advance x
  14. This would not be a CL-related issue. You might check the eBay or General Shopping forums to see if there is any guidance there.

  15. I'm new too and have been researching. So Kate has a longer toe area but it's also pointed toe as pigalle. So Kate has a thinner heal compared to pigalle and starts at 120mm heal height. Décolleté has a few styles like the 868 (b/t pointed and round toe) it's more comfortable for me. There's also 554, pointed toe but less heal height than pigalle and so Kate, 328, and 312... Thick heel, square toe.