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  1. I'm thinking a group should just go to eBay and carpet bomb the fakes all in one day by hitting the "report this item" button. Oh well. Lesson learned and at least I am covered by buyer protection.
  2. Hi all! I'm new to CL and will finally be making my first purchase this spring!! :yahoo::woot: I don't know where to post my questions as they are on the different styles (I read the first page and searched the forum but can't seem to find a thread :tdown:).

    Any-who, after doing some research I just want to confirm what I think are the differences between some styles:

    1) Simple vs. Ron Ron: the leather curves with the arch of the foot on the sides for Ron Ron

    2) Elisa vs. Decollete: Decollette's almond shape is slightly pointier and Elisa has a skinnier heel

    I'm looking to buy my first pair soon, so I want to have as much information as possible. I'm trying to pick my favorite for each toe shape (ie pointy, almond, and round) and then go from there. Thanks for any additional help you can give me regarding the differences of these styles... I'm sorry if you've been asked this 1000x already :smile:
  3. Toe box and heel of Simple and Ron Ron are different.

    The Elisa and Décolleté 868 have the same toe box but different heel.
  4. Definitely a sticky. Thank you!
  5. hello everyone.
    I am new to here, actually i was checking here so long but I finally would love to post here.
    does anyone have information about CL heels in tokyo japan??? I already have basic info( like where is store at... etc) I want to more deep informations like which webstore ships to japan cheaper (many web store doesn't ship to japan or just tooo expensive shippings)
    it is hard to find info about CL from here, also not a lot of style dont show up in japan.
    I will be happy if you update me a lot from here. thank you. xoxo
  6. Hello everyone! I am new to the forums, but have been a long time lurker :P

    I just recently bought my first pair of CL's (Simple pump 85mm in black patent) and I am absolutely in LOVEEEEE with them!

    As a bride-to-be I am absolutely 100000000000% positive I want a CL wedding shoe, however I refuse to go above 100mm without having a platform because the dress is quite heavy, and with all the walking around, I dont want to start off the honeymoon with my new hubby to be rubbing my feet on a beach :lol:

    Does anyone have any suggestions as to what shoe to get? I do have pictures of the dress if that will help? Or is there a specific thread I can post in?

    All of your help is much appreciated! :smile:
  7. Me again - what's the difference between the decollete 554 and pigalle? TIA!
  8. Im new to this forum cant wait to start posting and being active...and meet you all:biggrin:
  9. Welcome, my ex-husband and I had an exchange student years ago from Stavanger!
  10. Hi all! I'm new to the forum. What does UHG stand for?

  11. Ultimate Holy Grail...the one shoe you will search high and low for at any cost (well almost any cost!)
  12. Ahhhhhh! Ok thanks!
  13. Hi, why are pics watermarked? And why do many pics say 'not for sale'?
  14. Pigalle has a lower (and different) cut vamp. The Pigalle has a steeper pitch. 554 has a thinner heel.

    To prevent images from being stolen and sellers of fakes using them on ebay.
  15. :wave: Hi all! I'm a longtime lurker who just finally placed my online order for my first pair of CL so I figured it was time for me to make a profile and make it official lol. I feel like this is a start of a beautiful, albeit expensive, relationship!