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  1. Very new to this site and this is my first post. I am actually a bf of a girl who love shoes especially CL shoes. With all of the fakes out there, I was forced to educate myself by signing up and getting all the help I can. Kind of awkward but lots of good info to know! Thanks for the read jet! Lots of good info! Looking forward to all your help when it comes time to spoil the gf.... again =)
  2. Welcome JL, good luck in your quest, the ladies and gentlemen here are wonderful!! Your gf is so lucky to have such a great guy!
  3. Thanks for the warm welcome.. I thought I would have a hard time getting any attention on this site since majority are women. But guess I was wrong. Thanks again for that. I don't often spoil my gf but I think it's necessary once in a while (twice a year) =) I've been reading several post and I think I've concluded that my gf is pretty much a TTS in about 90% of CL shoes. ( US6.5 with narrow feet). Is that same to assume?
  4. I would say that in most she would be a 37 TTS as CL's do run small I'm a 9 to 9.5 US and I'm a 9.5 (on a good day) to a 40 (my prefered size) but I like a slightly looser toe box fit with heel grips compared to a tighter toe box fix without heel grips. It is truly a personal prefernce so I'd see if you can figure out if she wants a tighter fit or a looser fit with some padding (and with CL's padding is a bonus! IMHO)
  5. The sizing thread is great for advise!
  6. I have been away for a while. Forgive me if I didn't see the answer to my question any where (I did look!). But.....what happened to the "Authenticate This" thread for CLs? It says it is closed. Thanks for any info. I need some authenticating.
  7. It's open. Are you looking at the old thread? Look in the shopping section, it's a sticky thread.
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    Can someone authentic these for me...Seen on SHOPGOODWILL site...they tell me they are authentic,...I think NOT. I already got then to remove another pair of fakes..however they say these are real and not fake...opinion please?
  9. Hi CL lovers :smile:

    I'm quite new into CL (have now 2 pairs of simple pumps)

    On Monday I am going to a private seller who sells a nice pair of Christian Louboutin, but I would like to know what I shall look after to be sure it's not a fake pair..?

    I hope you have some recomandations :smile:

    BTW - do anyone know the model and name?

    I have only one pict of the shoes

    Thank you in advance for your help and info

    CL Holte.jpg
  10. Hello there :smile: I am so very new to this site, and i am totally lost on how it works.. Do i need to write 10 posts in different forums, before i can ask for help to authenticate a pair of cl stilettos :smile:

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    I am new to PF and I am trying to authenticate a pair of CL shoes that I won on eBay. The seller is new and has no feedback. My concern is that the more I look at the shoes, the more skeptical I am becoming. I notice on the stitching on the back of the sling back that it is not straight. I also keep looking at the sole and it appears that the CL signature is faded. Did I mention these shoes have never been worn. I have purchased two pair of CL off eBay and have been very satisfied. However, I just have a suspicion about these shoes and I am holding off paying right away until I can hopefully authenticate them by PF. Can someone please help me and tell me what to do. Lastly, I won the bid lastnite at 1:00 am.
  12. All questions regarding authentication should be posted here:

    Good luck!
  13. My first forum that I've joined.

    LOUBOUTINS ARE SO ADDICTIVE! Why didn't anyone warn me??!!