New to the board...need help with rare find!

  1. OK so yes I am new to the board :wlae:and I seen you all talking about all these designer purses, so this may sound silly but I was hoping someone on here could help me locate one of these!

    OK it's one of those purses with the cast of the NBC show "Friends" on it, and it's usually sequined. I used to see them everywhere but not so much anymore; I see Maryilin Monroe and "I Love Lucy" ones but not the "Friends" ones. eBay wasn't any help either!

    SOOOO...any ideals on who or what company makes them, what I should search for, ect.
    I'll :heart: you forever!
  2. Welcome! We'll try to work on that! Sounds very interesting....
  3. Well thanks! Good luck!
  4. I saw some on eBay when I just did a search BUT not sequined. I typed in the search "friends tv handbag purse" and it came up for me. I'm not sure if it had to be sequined or not, but if it doesn't matter ... maybe check those out.
  5. That bag has been faked many times, with everything from dogs, cats, shoes, handbags, Friends, SATC, etc on the front. But if you're just looking for the style then I think you should be able to find it at a novelty store, or a place that sells a bunch of different styles of handbags. ;)
  6. Ha yea I know...I've even seen them with Betty Boop on them but I still really like the "Friends" bags. I've seen them at flea markets but around here no flea markets are going until the fall so I shall keep looking, thanks for helping! ;)
  7. Hmm... I used to own a Isabella Fiore tote that had sequins on it, it was canvas with and called "Daddy's Girl" because it had that print theme. Maybe it was that brand?
  8. Here's some examples on eBay and online, she's made both sequined and beaded bags:

    Carried by Samantha in SITC, entitled "Husband Hunting":


    And Marilyn Monroe: