New to the board! Best epi style? Help, please

  1. Hi! Long time lurker, finally had to register to enter the anniversary contest ;)
    Decided to finally take the plunge and start posting:smile:

    So I really want an epi, probably red, maybe myrtille (since it is being discontinued) but can't decide on style.

    I really like the Passy GM, but not sure about the silver hardware.

    I also like the Riviera, but wonder about using it as a handbag when it is suppose to be a make-up case.

    What do you guys think?
  2. I love the Jasmin!! But I believe all the Epi bags are now with the silver hardware, unless by chance you find one with the brass!

    But if you are choosing between the Passy and the Riviera, I would say the Passy! I think it looks beautiful! Regarding the make-up case worries.. if you look at the Trouville, that was also meant to be a make-up case, but it looks wonderful used as a purse!!
  3. I second the Jasmine--it is quite a stylish bag!
  4. the Jasmin is my favorite bag in the Epi line:tender:. the Soufflot is cute too :yes:
  5. What about the segur pm?
  6. Jasmin is such a pretty and stylish bag. You can dress up or down with it IMO.
  7. Jasmin, Vivienne long, Speedy, Passy PM :nuts::yes:
  8. Jasmin.....and welcome!!!!!
  9. I like the epi jasmin, alma and noe.

    I also have an epi speedy--I like the look, but not the stiffness. The speedy seems more suited to a more flexible material like the mono canvas.
  10. Jasmin, Alma or Segur PM.

    [​IMG]welcome to TPF, glad to have you!!!
    Please let us know what you pick, all the Epi bags are so pretty & they are practically indestructable.
  11. Alma and Jasmin are my favorite.
  12. Welcome...

    You have to narrow it it down, do you want handheld or shoulder bag. From there you can choose the bag you want. Handheld, I love Jasmin, speedy and alma. Shoulder bag; segur , Passy, soufflot..