New to the Bbag looking for advice!

  1. Hi ladies, I'm not new to the PF, just new to Balenciaga subforum. I know I'm getting into trouble venturing in here because bbag owners are such devoted fans of their bags...and I really don't need an obessesion outside of Chloe and LV! :lol: Somehow I can't seem to help myself though...

    I am in the market for a new rouge/red or black bag and I've been eyeing Balanciaga. Before I go and purchase one I'd like some advice. As with all bags, there is the "ideal". For example, when I purchased my Chloe Edith I wanted the leather to be pebbled and the bag to have lots of "wrinkles". Stiffness was not allowed! Some designers have bags that are uniform (LV) while others do not. I know Balenciaga bags fall into the former category. My question is this:

    1) What attributes should I be looking for in a bbag? I know this may depend on my own personal taste but is there a general "ideal"?

    2) I would like a cute over the shoulder smaller bag. Which model should I go for? I prefer something smaller, in the max. 15 inch width wide range.

    3) What makes the bbag so appealing for its owners?

    Thank you for all the help you guys can provide! :flowers:
  2. lordguinny, welcome this addiction forum :P
    1. the great thing about b-bags is the many kind of leathers varieties in every season and every year, and it's your personal taste that will guide you to it LOL. some like it matte, some like it glossy, some like it crackly.
    you can check this great site :

    2. if u look for a small nice shoulder bag, i recommend a "first" it's 13" width.

    3. so many things appealing from this bag, the magnificent colours, the leathers, but what i like the most is that this bag doesn't scream designers like most lv or chloe. this bag is expensive because of quality, not because of the brand.

    good luck with ur b-bags :P
  3. 1. i for one like it matt and smooth. but it's up to you. check out the different kind of leathers and decide for yourself.

    2. i think the "first" is your best bet for under 15 inches in width but it is on the small side for most people. the "purse" or the "medium city" is the next sizes up.

    3. the best think about b bags is how light weight the bag is.
  4. i am also new to balenciaga too.. and i saw a few pictures of twiggy and i must say i like the shape of it...
    how big is it really?
    what about "box"??
  5. twiggy 7"h x 15"w x 6.5"; 24.5"strap
    box 7"h x 11.5"w x 5"d; 27"strap
  6. The question I would ask is how much do you want to carry? If you carry a lot of stuff, I would suggest the twiggy or city. if you carry less stuff, then the first or the box would be good options.

    Leather is up to you... I personally prefer a non-marbley, non-veiny leather, definetly pick your first bag out in person if possible so you can feel and look at the different types of leather.

    bbags rock well, because their design is freaking amazing. I love the simpleness of the materials combined with perfect detail, and that over time, the bags develop with you and look better with age. I also really like how they are able to mixed with a wide variety of outfits and styles. you can dress it up or down, classic or hard rock or chic or anyway you want... bbags just damn well rock. they cover so many bases!