New to the Bal forum... Halo and a question!

  1. Hello!
    I am new to the Balenciaga forum. I own one B-bag, the black First from FW07. I do like it.

    I am actually now looking for a work bag (lower case) to carry to the office. Is the Work bag what you would recommend? Does it carry documents like a briefcase? I noticed that most people carry it as a purse and not really a work bag so I wanted to ask. Also, is there a better model you would recommend for work?

    Last question - gosh B-bags come in such gorgeous browns... would I have any luck finding a bag in Truffle or Cinnamon? Are they classic colors?

    Thanks in advance!! Gorgeous pics and such an impressive group of forum members here!!
  2. ^^Hi Bunkie - I usually see you in the BV forum, no? :flowers:

    I think a work bag would be perfect for work (hehe). It can hold folders and papers - but remember Balenciaga is slouchy so (as you know) it's not firm like a briefcase.

    I would look for a cinnamon. It just came out this past fall so there are still some around. :flowers:
  3. beauxgoris, thank you! And yes, I am usually on the BV forum!! :yes:

    Thanks for the recommendations. I do love the Cinnamon and will plan on calling Nordie's tomorrow to see if they have it.
  4. welcome, Bunkie! beaugoris right on all counts. i use my Cinnamon Work for class so i can put in my A4 documents/files. the base is quite wide, this might irritate some people when the notebook and folders lean backward or forward if you don't use up all the space.

    some people might rec the Brief.. or maybe the Step but i'm not so well-versed in these 2 styles when it comes to office use. the Brief doesn't have a wide base like the Step so that would reduce movement inside the bag. do make a search on these styles to read about the pros and cons of each style. hope you arrive at a decision quickly enough! :smile: