New to TB. considering the Caroline wedge?


May 7, 2012
Hi everyone! I do not own anything Tory Burch but lately i have been eyeing up the new Caroline wedges. I saw them online . Bloomindales and Saks both have them but it looks like they will not ship out till next month. They are patent leather and so cute. I am looking at the Sand colored ones. What do you guys think? Get them? Dont bother? How do TB shoes hold up? Need some input. Thanks !!! :smile:
Aug 8, 2012
I have the TB Caroline flats and they are by FAR by favorite flats. Only difference between the wedge and flat is the heel height. My flats are SO comfortable, I have wide feet and they haven't caused me any problem. I love them, very versatile. I've had mine for 5 months now and they are in great condition for wearing them almost every week. Shoes hold up amazingly well (i've put a tap on the bottom of mine). I've loved mine so i'd say GO FOR IT :smile: