New to Tano...

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  1. and I cannot wait to purchase one, but the more I search the net the more frustrated I get with them. There are really NO good photos on any of the retail websites that show the colors and or interiors...etc of these bags. Most of the sites don't even list dimensions. Most times a color of a bag is shown, but the dropdowns only have other colors which you cannot preview.

    If it wasn't for this site and all of your photos I would be clueless as to size and/or actual color.

    Thanks so much for sharing!

    ...i'm off to do more research :smile:

  2. And we will harrass you for your photos when and if you buy a Tano!:biggrin:
    What bags are you considering?
    The best pics for Tano (besides us) IMO usually come from MHB and lunaboston. That's Our Bag seems to rely solely on stock pics.
  3. Hi, Kelly! Welcome! Can't wait to hear what you decide! You can always hit to see what colors are out right now! :yes:

    And has the worlds best customer service...they'd be happy to help you too!

    And of course you can check out our pics and modeling pics threads!!!
  4. hey! i'm pretty new to this site, too and after reading up on the site and asking members (theyre so friendly!), i splurged on two tanos in two weeks :wlae: hehe
    you should definitely check the modeling photos thread in this forum to see different bags on different people and i bought mine like a lot of people here, from must have bags, which sends you your tano in pristine condition with a dustbag and it's free shipping right now! they also have a lot of photos of bags on mannequins so you can see the sizes :biggrin:
  5. I agree with all of the above! After going through both the pic and modelling threads again last night, I bit the bullet and ordered two bags from Must Have Bag - Postage Tramp and Ready Steady. I HIGHLY recommend MHB!! My bags are shipping today, and I'll have them tomorrow, since I'm in NJ and MHB is in NY.
  6. Yes, I agree MHB and Luna Boston seem to be the best so far. I have ordered other bags from Luna and been to their Boston store so I know that they are good too.

    So far I like the Minilisa (black), Sex Bomb(would like pool blue for the sex bomb...but can't find it), and I'm thinking about the Beauty Gram or First base in Pearl for summertime as well. I alos like Miami heat, but haven't decided on a color.

    Does anyone have a Beauty Gram or First base? I didn't see any pics on the modeling thread. I haven't explored the "just pics" thread yet.

    Can you order through MHB even if they don't have it on their website?

    Thanks again! I love all of your pictures :smile:

  7. ^^ can always email MHB and ask....but your best bet on those older bags is likely eBay. You could get may check and see if they have any.

    Tano is (thankfully) different than most other bag companies. They don't churn out the same bag over and over and over again. Many of their styles are one season only (maybe two). They never repeat their colors. Well, black...doy...but these last two seasons the black crunch is infinitely more beautiful than before.

    Only a handful of their bags are 'staples' and come back each season (subject to change!!): the Boogie Bucket, the Shopper, the Butane Jane, the Petit Larceny....all those lovely ladies repeat. But, for instance, the Biker Babe, Fabulousness, and Women Unite that are on MHB right now will likely never repeat (subject to change!!) and will never be available again in these colors. When they are gone....that's it! It's my hot sports opinion that this should make the resale on Tano's higher than other bags but that is not the case at this time. What it does mean is you can just about steal older Tano's off eBay.

    Good luck with your hunt!!! Can't wait to see what you find!
  8. LOL!!! After all that complaining I did about most websites not having pictures...I knew about Luna having extra pics, but I JUST NOW saw the "more views" link in MHB!! Duh!!!

    by the way....I'm about to press the button to purchase the black minilisa!! I need a good staple black bag.

  9. ^^EXXXXXXXXXXcellent choice!!!!! The black Minilisa is sexy beyond belief!!!!!!!!:P
  10. WOo hoo welcome to Tano! I agree with everything that's been said so far and would just like to add that has nice pictures of the few bags they do have!
  11. Welcome and yes the Black Minilisa is soooo sexy and chic. You will love it!
  12. I finally ordered the black minilisa today :smile:. I was thinking about holding out for ebay, but I'll be on the lookout for the Pool blue sexbomb on ebay already! Can't hold out for both :smile:...must get one in my hands!

    Thanks everyone!
  13. Good choice with the black Minilisa--such a beautiful color/style combo! Also, I was once on the hunt for a Pool Sex Bomb after seeing everyone's gorgeous pictures of it but no worries the Blue Hawaiian this season seems to be pretty similar and MHB will have it! YAY!!:P
  14. YAY!!! Black minilisa = YUM!
  15. Thank you for letting me know that....not having seen any of the colors IRL, It is so hard to tell!