New to Tano

May 11, 2008

I have been looking for a crossbody/convertable bag that is about 9(w)x12(h)x3(d) and was referred to this forum from the handbags and purses forum.

Any suggestions on a specfic bag?

Another question, I have been looking around online and I see that the bags are really shiny and look a little plasticky.. does it really look/feel that way in real life?
Jul 21, 2006
Oh no! The leather is not plasticky at all. It's just very supple and really beautiful. All the Tano bags are pretty much lighter weight, and if you are used to Kooba or Gustto or Marc Jacobs or something of that nature, you'll be pleasantly surprised at how substantial the Tano is, but how lightweight it is. Also, Tano makes various leather finishes. I personally like that little bit of sheen to my bag. Did you check out our resident TPF member's official site: ?? You can check out the dimensions of the bags there.


Dec 31, 2007
No, the leather is not at all 'pasticky', perhaps it may appear that way due to the Crunch leather's slight sheen. If you're not crazy about that look there are other leathers available and hopefully Tano Expert will chime in and help you out with some recs.

The Petit Larceny is one of the smaller cross-body bags but at 11" it doesn't quite make your 9"

An in Tano's Fall 08 line up there appears to be some smaller cross-body bags, looks can be deceiving though so hopefully there will be some dimensions available soon. Good luck on your Tano/Crossbody hunt!



Budding Bag Junkie
Dec 27, 2007
Mom Job has a strap that will go cross body or can be doubled and used as a shoulder bag. The style has been discontinued for Fall 08, but there might still be some out there on or, or even ebay. I lucked into mine yesterday IRL.........