New to site!


Jan 26, 2006
I've been hovering around for quite a while now...
And I must admit, this place is really addictive!
I tried to lay off, since I knew my bag fetish will only be exacerbated by reading the posts and seeing the pics here, but...
Like I said, this place is SCARY. Haha.

I just HAD to post something when I saw there was an LV section.
My prize and sweetheart is the LV horizontal batignolle, and I think I read somewhere about how someone was worrying that the sides weren't aligned.
I don't know about the vertical, but the horizontals are definitely aligned. I should know, because I've checked out possibly all the horizontals in the city where I live.

The only sad thing about my bag is that the lowest part of the handle (the part connected to the body) and the beige lining around the bag is starting to get dirty. I like it when it's nice and honey-colored, but I'm starting to think this one will turn into a dirty, grungier color instead. Yikes!

Anyway, thanks for opening this discussion!
I'll be coming back for more. :nuts: