New to SF, any recommendation is good for me :)

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  1. Hi all lovely people...I have never bought anything from SF.
    I am just wondering, for the first timer...what would you recommend?
    Should I look at their bags? I am not into wallet...I mean I am a 1 wallet person :smile: I usually buy a new one after a couple years or when they look really used.
    I love the look of their flats and shoes....but I am wondering should I save and look into their bags.
    Which bag would you recommend if I only plan to buy 1 from SF.
    Thanking you in advance!
  2. What are you looking for...shoulder bag, hobo design, handle carry? There are so many styles. What are you planning to carry? Are you more casual, or formal? Do you want to take it to work, and is it a conservative job? So many questions.

    The Sofia is a classic style. Have you looked on the Ferragamo website, or at any of the big department store websites to see what strikes you?
  3. Haha, so many questions...Does SF has iconic bag? You know like at LV the
    Speedy and NV are seems to be the ones that people buy first...
    I have heard about Sofia...I quite like the fact that it can be carried by hand and as a cross over body.
    I think I have looked at their website and just overwhelmed with the design :smile:.
    I want to be versatile, can be wear during the day and night...and work ( my work is not so formal).
    Which bag do you have?
  4. Thanks a lot! Nice exotic collections :smile: