New to selling on eBay...I need help!!

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  1. Hi. I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this but here goes...
    I recently went through a divorce and as a result of moving, cleaned items out of storage and my closet that I no longer (or never did) use. In the past few weeks I've listed various AUTHENTIC Waterford crystal pieces, handbags, shoes and sunglasses. I KNOW everything is authentic because I either purcased it myself (and in all cases shipped with original packaging/dust bags, etc and often tags either still attached or in the dust bag).
    Because of this I offered a 7 day money back return policy.
    Now I'm wondering if that was a HUGE mistake.
    I've gotten one return request on a Gucci bag because it 'was not the color I expected' (despite great photos and her asking me specifically via 'ask seller question'...which, along with my response is posted in the listing...if the bag was 'carmel tan or orange' to which I replied it was orange...and it is). So, that is frustrating but I feel I have no choice but to take it back.
    Also, just received another return request as apparently the buyer took the bag to Neimans to verify authenticity and was told it was a fake!!! This could not be more false. I purchased the bag MYSELF in October of 2002 at a Fendi boutique in Italy while on my honeymoon. Again, frustrating...but what can I do?
    So, I guess my questions are these...
    a) both of these buyers have less than 10 feedback and I've noticed some sellers won't sell to people with less than 'x' number or a certain % positive feedback rating...could this be the problem...unexperienced buyers?
    b) I am concerned that this could be some sort of scam! For example, buyer receives my AUTHENTIC handbag and ships me back a fake!! Or sends it back damaged or any other scenario where basically I LOSE money AND my product!! Yikes!!
    eBay is not a business for me. I have purchased designer items there in the past and thought it would be a win/win way to recyle items I don't use or want anymore. The fact is that it IS work...keeping up with bids/offers/questions, packing, shipping, etc. AND it is going to cost me money not only to relist the items but I have missed out and rejected other parties who were already interested!
    Any advice?

    Thanks in advance for ANY help!!
  2. first of all you're not allowed to put a link to your ebay auctions here.

    everyone is different in terms of returns. i for one say no returns but i will allow them on a case by case basis- if the person emails me ahead of time or i know they're iffy about the item and i can tell they're not just trying to get one over on me- or if there is a genuine problem with the item. i will not take things back because of buyer's remorse or because it doesn't fit.

    and i will not take back handbags because there is a chance someone will send you back a fake. some people do things to the bags to insure they get the same one bag like marking it with a infared pen or putting a security tag on it and saying it can only be returned as loing as the tag is still on.

    i just make sure i take good clear detailed pictures and describe everything in great detail so there are no surprises.

    good luck selling- it can be very fun!
  3. OMG! Sorry about the links! I only put them in for feedback on how to do a better listing...not to help promote an item.

    Thank you very much for the input! That is really my biggest fear, that I am not going to get back what I sent them. Great ideas on marking them in some way ahead of time! :smile: Or not accepting returns on designer items all together. I guess it was my foolish confidence in the authenticity (since I bought the items at boutiques or Neimans) that prompted me to allow that.

    Certainly a learning process!

    Thanks again. Amy