New to RM...

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  1. Hi ladies!!
    I just made my very first RM purchase and decided on the boho clutch in tan. It was between the tan or the pine... Did I do okay? Please tell me the tan is a nice color:smile: Hmmmmm.... I wish I could buy all the colors:smile:
  2. You probably will before long! But seriously, if tan is needed in your collection, you made the right choice, congrats!
  3. I got it in blacK and love it. I want a tan mac now tho.
  4. MAC's are seriously addictive, so be prepared :P
  5. I have the Mine pouch in Tan, it is a very soft and matte leather, but I am afraid it's the type of leather that can be easily scratched. However it depends on self preference. Some people like this type of leather, some don't. I myself prefer glazed leather because they are more resistant to stains, moisture, and scratch.
  6. i think tan goes with more clothes so if u are looking for a neutral shade it'll be good :yes:. i myself is new to rm and ahem within 2 months i bought 3 macs already :sweatdrop: :P
  7. soo true! last monday 2/8 i had 1 today i have 5...