New to RM...which MAC bag is right for me?

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  1. Hi everyone!

    I am looking to purchase a black MAC bag bc I want a new everyday purse but I don't want to spend too much. My current everyday bag is a Chanel Maxi flap. I usually go for big bags so when I was looking online at the MAC bags, I decided that a mini MAC is too small for me. I like the size of the MAC and the MAC Daddy bags but since I have never tried them on, I don't know which size would work for me. Can anyone help me? Is the MAC daddy around the same size as a Chanel Maxi? Since this will be my first RM purchase, which bag do you guys think would be good for a first timer?

    Another question, I know that the bloomies F&F sale is starting soon so I was thinking of taking advantage of that sale and get my RM bag from there. Do you think that I can get a better deal somewhere else? iirc the F&F sale s for 20% off.
  2. I love the MAB! So many colors, so many designs, so spacious, so versatile. :loveeyes:
  3. I'm usually a big bag kinda girl too and I'm new to RM. MAC's are slowly becoming my favorite style. I purchased one from Bloomingdale's a few weeks ago and love it. It fits just enough. I can fit all of the essentials in it with some room to spare. I think its perfect for every day . From what I've seen on here usually you can't own just one MAC. You pretty much become a MAC addict! I have three already and my RM collection is just starting. I just love how versatile the MAC's are. There are at least 4 different ways you can carry it. So you never get bored. :biggrin:

    I do like the MAC Daddy and I've seen it IRL at Sak's. But I think for that style it would be too big for an everyday. Personally if you were looking for something bigger in RM I'd go for a MAM/MAB .

    Here are a couple of threads that might help in your decision: (there are several others as well if you search a bit)
    MAC Daddy - Larger version of the iconic original
    What's in your Rebecca Minkoff bag? - This is great to see what others can fit in their bags. Not sure if there's any MAC Daddy posts though since its still a fairly new style. Here's my post of my 1st MAC There's another on the following page as well.
  4. I think MAM or affair might work better for you!
    I am a big bag girl and I have to downsize my stuff when I switch to my MAC, which can be a little troubling.
  5. I have never own a Maxi (used to have a Jumbo) nor MAC Daddy, but I would say a MAC Daddy or a large Affair may be right for you If you are a chain bag lover and prefer the size similar to the Maxi. MACs are way smaller than Maxis...I feel that the MACs can carries little less than Jambo (no problem for me though) since MACs are less structured and more flat shaped. Just IMO :smile:

    Here's the measurement of MAC Daddy;

    Bottom Width: 13 1⁄4 in
    Middle Width: 13 1⁄4 in
    Top Width: 13 in
    Depth: 3 in
    Height: 10 in
    Strap Length: 43 1⁄4 in
    Strap Drop: 19 in
    Weight: 1 lb 15 oz

    Rebecca Minkoff 25% off Private Sale @ ebags (Large Affairs and MAC Daddies included)
  6. Thank you all for the help! :smile:

    I was in Santa Monica this weekend so I headed to the nearest Nordies to try the MACs out. I took out everything from my purse and tried fitting them in the bags. Definitely not enough room for my junk in the regular MAC, lol. I carry a lot with me and I guess I could downsize and carry only the things I REALLY need to have with me if I really had to, but in the end, I decided that the MAC daddy works best for me because it looks nice and it also fits all of my stuff!!

    I was ready to purchase the MAC daddy but they didnt have it in black!! The one I tried on was in the "smoke" color and its sooooo pretty! I love it but I was set on getting a black one. The guy helping me was going to order the black one for me but when I asked him if he could price match the Bloomies F&F sale, he said that he couldnt. I know these things depend on the SA so I decided to just go home and order it online myself. I talked to one of the live help people and the guy was able to price match both the F&F and the 10% email list thing. I had a Nordstrom note and a few GCs as well so I think I got a pretty great deal! :smile: Now I just have to wait for the bag to get here!! Cant wait!
  7. I have never heard of before! Its a legit site? They have some pretty good stuff there!
  8. hahaha I actually looked at those threads before I posted, hoping they would help me decide but nope! LOL. I am sooo indecisive, I spent at least an hour in the store trying on the two different sizes, trying to decide which one I liked best. I just ordered my MAC daddy two night ago, its not even here yet but I already want another one!! I think you are right, you definitely get addicted!!!
  9. I only got my first RM a couple months ago and my collection has already grown quite a bit. I have 2 MAM's, 3 MAC's, a Mattie, an Affair and a tote. (I think that's all of them) and I feel like I'm constantly searching for my next one!
  10. can't wait to see modeling pics!!
  11. thanks! I cant wait to get it in the mail!! I usually get things pretty fast when I order from Nordies but this time its taking longer!