New to RM....question regarding croc MAM

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  1. Hi girls!

    I'm new to the RM thread and I just bought my first RM bag last night! It's the Croc MAM :yahoo:Can't wait to get it!! Here is the stock photo:


    Question, for people that own the same bag, do your bags get slouchy/broken in eventually?? I don't have the bag yet but I assume the croc will be a lot stiffer than the normal leather....

    Any input will be appreciated! Thanks!!
  2. I have that bag. It's a beauty. I am thinking my Favorite MAM. It is a bit stiffer. I had to send mine back for repairs only after using it a day or two but it got a teeny bit slouchier but it's never going to smush like some other leathers I doubt.

    Where did you get your bag? Just a word of caution. Croc MAMs have had a little problem with the handle attachment. My metal that attached to the bag become undone and startled swiveling around. I sent it back to Luna Boston and they sent all of their Crocs back for reinforcement and now my bag is perfect.


  3. Hello! :heart:
    I got mine at shopbop! They have a free return policy but I'm not sure they would repair it if there's any problem with the bag.

    Is this bag easy to wear on the shoulder???
  4. Sorry, I can't really help you with your question but I must say the bag you got is so gorgeous. I saw it on and I was soooo so tempted to order it, if it wasn't for :censor:german customs. I think it's the most beautiful bag I've seen this year so far :nuts:

    Congrats on your new bag, I think it's a great style that will last you for years!