New to RM - Plz Help . . .

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  1. Hi All,
    I'm learning so much on tPF and now want to branch-out and get a RM Morning After bag--my first RM bag! I've found what I feel is a good price on a mini and want to get it. My apprehension is that I'm 5'9" tall and wonder if I should pass on a mini and get the full-size bag given my height.

    I've been searching all of the pics--endlessly--and am unable to find out how the mini looks on a taller person.

    Any/all input will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you so much!
  2. I don't think the height matters much..I would get the mini. It's only minature in comparison with the full-sized one. It is still a big bag with ample room for wallet & accessories. You can always get one of each anyway.And I'm sure you will find more colors that you like. :yes:
    You can't have just one!
  3. Thank you both TXCoachGirlie and mockinglee!!

    I ordered it and am so excited to get it. It is the MAM White/Black combo. I live in Florida so the spectator look will be perfect for our loooong, hot seasons!!

    I love the MA bags---classic yet updated too!!

    I'm sure I'll be ordering more in solid colors once I start using this one!!
  4. mockinglee: Many thanks for that link of pictures---I think it will be a great size bag even with my height. Didn't see that thread of pics when looking b4.
  5. Congrats and welcome GottaShop2! We need to see pictures once you get it!
  6. Thank you baghag411!!

    I'm still a little concerned about the size, but won't know for sure until it arrives and I can try it on!

    I got the Coach Large Leather Sabrina for Christmas and love that size but variety is always good too :o)
  7. Do post mod pics when you get it! I'm 5'11 and the MAB on me looks like pics of the MAM on some of the girls here...but I'm not exactly skinny so...there you go! LOL but I do prefer much bigger bags.
  8. Thanks jo712! I would love to be 5'11"!!!!

    I'm excited to see what the MAM will actually look like.

    Last night, I also ordered the MAB in charcoal patent---I'm thinking I'll like that size better.

    So many choices and so many decisions . . .

    The Nikkis look like a great size for us tall gals so that will probably be next!
  9. GottaShop2, I'd gladly switch heights with you. where I'm from, I'm like a freak of nature! haha waaaaay above 'above average' height...and I don't get to wear my heels often enough...LOL doesn't stop me from buying them though...

    the Nikkis are a great size and style! a bit casual. I find the Nikki and the MAB soo much roomier than the Matinees(but I still love my 2 matties...) esp. since I lug around a lot of stuff...
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    Can you return it if it doesn't work out? The MAM is much smaller than the large Sabrina. I think size wise it will look good on you (the MAM), I think it's just a matter of how much stuff do you like to carry. Oh and you ordered the charcoal patent MAB!!! You're gonna love the RM patent! It's amazing!!! Check out the RM Patent Leather club to see how this patent gets smooshy!!

    The Nikki and the Devote would be perfect for you too! (not trying to enable . . . :whistle:)

  11. OK . . . It arrived yesteday and I think the MAM size will work with my 5'9" height.

    Now I'm really looking forward to receiving the larger MAB in charcoal patent too!!

    Many thanks again to everyone for the wonderful advice. The MAM bag is really a bit larger than the dimensions quoted on the different shopping websites--which is great!!


  12. Oh *squeals*! It looks soooo good on you!!! Congratulations!
  13. Thank you Baghag411 for your nice comments!!

    BTW, I just read the RM Patent Leather club thread and your patent charcoal Nikki is absolutely gorgeous!! All the bags on that thread are gorgeous!!
  14. That size looks perfect on you!!! Wow!!! Congrats on your first RM! just remember -- pace yourself!!! :P