New to RM - need help in deciding.....

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  1. Hi Everyone! I am normally lurking in the MJ's section, but I have really liked the looks of the RM bags, lately!! I would love some suggestions on a first time RM bag. I am attracted to the Morning After and Market Tote bags. I tend to want to carry the same bag everyday. I love the looks of the tangerine, but I have to be more practical because of money. I am 5'6", but bags do seem to overwhelm my frame. What are your thoughts on a new bag for me? Thanks in advance!!:girlsigh: Oh yes, it seems like most people lean towards the MAB or MAM. Is the Market Tote a new bag in her line?
  2. Hi windy~ i'm no expert in RM but as a first i would suggest either the MAM or the MAB~ because the shape is practical and would look good dressed up or down~ if your worried that the MAB would be too big then theres always the option of the MAM~ i'm 160cm tall and i only have MABs~ i love big bags~ they don't overwhelm me at all~ and like desi would tell you small girls look cute in big bags! I totally agree with that!

    the market tote is a new line~ and its getting increasingly popular~ i would think it is a bit bigger than the MAB from the pictures but i'm not sure as i havent seen one IRL. It is also a very cute bag!
  3. I would recommend the MAB
  4. I think the Market tote is similar in size to the MAB (just N/S vs. E/W). If you're worried about bigger bags the MAM would be perfect for you!

    Luna Boston has some great new modeling pics if you want to get a sense of proportion.
  5. ^Ditto on what mockinglee recommended about looking at lunaboston first so you get an idea of what the bag will look like on you first.
  6. Hi windy and welcome to the wonderful world of RM! I have both an MAM & MAB, love them both, but prefer the size of the MAM(I'm 5'2). I am dying for a Market Tote though - I think it's very chic everyday tote bag. I don't think you'll go wrong, whatever your decision!
  7. Definitely Morning After!

  8. LOL i love how you gals on the forum know me ever so well!:nuts:

    Hi Windy! I am 5'6 myself and have bought 3 MAB's. I have yet to see a MAM IRL, but the MAB size is perfect IMO. I just keep putting more and more and more into it, and it seems to just have NEVER ending space. The Market totes are bigger than the MAB's.

    To be honest, i think the tangerine is quite a practical bag as well as the perfect pop of color. Tangerine is good for spring/summer/and fall, and the gold hw compliments the tangerine very well..its not like too much BLING...and also, it has some brown undertones depending on the light, so i think it looks great with any neutral colored clothing!

    The next bag I would recommend getting if you decide to pass on the tangerine is the black with gold bottom, and third the basketweave.... that way you still have a classic RM style, and wearable daily

    If you decide to go for the tangerine, has the MAM in stock now for $550, and use code toutie30 for 30% off, which makes it to like $350 or something...thats an unbeatable deal for your first RM.
  9. Thank you everyone!! You have been so helpful. I will let you know what I purchase.
  10. hello new to RM too :smile:

    it seems more people have MAMs. is it more popular than the MAB?

    I'm looking for my first RM since I am taking a break from LV
  11. The MAB and MAM is the same style. It depends on how big you want your bag. If you are under 5'3 i would recommend the MAM because the MAB is big and roomy. I'm 5'6 and its the perfect bag size for me, but i sometimes think its too big. I like the MAB in neutrals and the MAM's in funky colors.