New to RM, help please! :)


Dec 31, 2007
I'm a little bit shy to post a new thread being new to RM and all but figured what the heck, plus search is down. ;)

Just a couple questions -

I really like the style of the MAM's, they are so pretty. Do they slouch much when the stuffing comes out and you put in your own stuff? I don't mind some slouch but would rather my bag didn't puddle or collapse if I have to set it down on the counter to get my wallet out and pay for something.

Is it completely impossible to get colors such as wine and purple now? If so, when do the new Fall colors become available?

Thanks for your help! I am really impressed with how pretty these bags are. :heart:




Sep 26, 2007
Hi Linda!

My Night Blue MAM collapses when empty because it is sooo smooshy. But I like the smoosh, so I don't mind. As long as there are some items in it, it doesn't completely collapse.

Some of the other leathers are a little different a probably collapse a little bit less. Maybe you would be better off with a glazed bag or something with a thicker leather. I know the Night leather on my Matinee is definately thicker than the Night Blue leather. has some of the newer purple bags right now, full price.

For a while RM was taking special custom orders here for wine bags, I am not sure if it is still open for more orders. I am sure someone will chime in with that answer.