New to RM...have some questions.

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  1. I have been eyeing the MAM bags for several months now. I really love the look of the bag, but was having a hard time finding one in black. Then I decided they weren't right for me because they didn't have a shoulder strap and I am a shoulder bag kind of girl. Anyway, I see now that LB has black or "night" MAM's and that RM has straps for these bags, BUT I don't see one listed in night...just onyx!!

    Does anyone know if they will make a "night" Elisha strap or would the "onyx" one work?

    Also, is it just my imagination or is the hardware on the MAM bag on LB nickel and not brass?

    Sorry to sound so stupid...just don't want to make a mistake here.
  2. ^Yeah, what Mock' said! =)
  3. Thank you! That link was definitely helpful. I am having a really hard time fighting the urge to buy the bag now : /
  4. welcome to the RM Forum! :flowers:
  5. ^ :yes: Welcome!