New to RM bags...questions for the experts!

  1. Hey everyone, I don't own a RM bag just yet but have been researching the heck out of the RM bags and just saw her spring collection which is TDF! But i just wanted to know a few things:
    - How well does the leather hold up?
    - Does RM carry matching wallets?
    - How about scarves? Are those sold seperately?
    - And one last question, opinions on her new steady and market bag in her '08 collection, what's your opinion on these bags, anyone know ths e sizes? Thanks for your help to all, just trying to get a great bag!
  2. I will try to answer:

    I don't know how well the leather holds up because I've only owned my bags for a few months. BUT the leathers are all very high-quality, smell great, and are beautiful colors. I would recommend it for anyone.

    As far as I know, there are no matching wallets or scarves.

    As for the new bags, I LOVE the steady bag! If you go into the "new Rebecca Minkoff" thread, there are a bunch of pics.
  3. Thanks daniela! I do have my eye on a couple of the bags already, just trying to decide which one... can only limit myself to one bag... at least for the next few months! haha :yes:
  4. The leather holds up well. The only thing I've had trouble with is the handles. The handles on my oldest MA (about 7-8 months) are starting to wear out a bit. I do carry the heck out of that bag and put tons of stuff in it though so it's probably my fault. :smile:

    All the rest of the leather on the bag looks great and good as new. I use Appleguard to treat it.

    I have never seen wallets or scarves. She has cute chains though.

    I think the Steady looks adorable. Haven't seen it in person yet but can't wait!
  5. HitchcockBlonde, what kind of wear? Handles stretching? Losing color? Is it noticeable? I haven't heard much about how RMs wear.
    I really want one of the new blue bags (ANY of them!), but missing bits of color on the handles would be very noticeable in that color, I think.

    Side note: I just want to say how much I appreciate people like HitchcockBlonde and Gung contributing their knowledge to us RM neophytes. :okay:
  6. ^I haven't experienced any color loss on any of my bags but the handles I think have a bit of stretch to them. However, I hang my bags a lot, like on hooks, purse hooks, coat racks, pretty much anything to keep it off the floor. I think because of that, the handles have a bit of stretch to them. I dont mind at all though; I actually prefer it.