New To Pursue Forum Where to Start in Buying a Hermes

  1. Hello all. I am new to the Purse Forum and while a lifelong devotee of designer bags I am now interested in buying a Hermes Kelly Bag 32 cm in Rouge H. I have visited the Hermes Boutique and left my name with a sales associate, but I have no idea how long it could take before they receive such a bag and/or whether or not some clients are more equal than others. There is a beautiful Kelly bag for sale from Decades in Los Angeles and I feel comfortable that it is authentic, but it is Hermes Gold. I am leary of eBay and do not want to make a huge expensive mistake. Where to start? Thanks for the initiation!
  2. Welcome to Hermes and the Purse Forum! This is a wonderful resource to get you started and even more importantly, to have some fun! Please look around at our Reference Section so you can see actual bags in Rouge H and the Golds. AS you will see, the color of a bag will change depending on the actual leather.

    It's always hard to wait for a bag, but if it is THE bag that you TRULY love, then it is well worth the wait! In the meantime, keep visiting your Sales Associate at hermes to maintain your relationship, and hopefully that Kelly will be yours sooner than you think!

    And definitely ask questions- we are happy to help!
  3. Decades is a trustworthy seller, to my knowledge, gold is beautiful and goes with a lot-- but if Rouge H is what you really want-- and I'm the same way-- hold out for it! It's easier to get a Kelly than it is a Birkin. Like Jag said, browse through the reference threads and check out the questions other members have asked and go from there! We're here to help (though I'm relatively new to H, you'll learn fast here!) :flowers: