New To Purse Forums

  1. Hi Everyone. I'm new to the purse forums (my mom told me i should sign up.) My name is Ashleigh, i'll be 22 in 2 weeks, and I am awaiting the arrival my first coach purse. Thought it is NOT the first coach item i have (it will be the second) it is actually my first PURSE. I have a coach wristlet i bought earlier this year. I am excited about my purse, and wanted to know if anyone else had it and liked it. It is the Holiday Patchwork Gallery Tote.

    Just thought i would jump on in and say hello!
  2. I personally do not have this but my best friend does and she loves it! I am thinking about getting it too! Congrats on the new bag and welcome!!!
  3. i don't own the tote personally but i've always loved this shape. congrats on your first bag purchase! (btw i'm actually your age too :biggrin:)
  4. Hello, Welcome, I am relatively new here too but have been posting a lot in the last few weeks. I love this bag ! This is my favorite patchwork I have seen, it is adorable and versatile !
  5. Welcome to the purse forum!

    I don't have this particular tote, I have the one from a few years ago, I love it! It is one of my favorites! Nice and roomy. I'm sure you'll love it!
  6. Welcome to TFP!! I don't have that bag, but I've seen it; it's very cute!!

    Congrats on your first Coach bag :smile: Just to let you know, this forum can be VERY addicting :yes:
  7. Welcome Ashleigh! I am sure your mom is a pretty smart chick to have you sign up on TPF, though it is addicting!!!!

    Cute bag. Wherever did you get your fabulous taste in purses?


    Glad you are here.
  8. Welcome Ashleigh!!!
    These forums are a great place to get advice and just obsess with people who are supportive of the bag habit!!

    Love that bag! i actually just saw it in person the other day and I fell in love slightly!!
  9. Welcome!!! :tup:
    Love the bag, congrats!!! You will love it here.. and hold on to your wallet because it is about to go for a ride!!!!! :p
  10. Welcome! Love the bag. Congrats on your first Coach bag purchase.:tup:
  11. Welcome, Ashleigh!! Love your bag!!!
  12. When this bag/patchwork combo came out...I was NOT a fan of it. Thought it was way too busy. all the other patchworks I've written off...I've really come to appreciate this style. It looks awesome in person I think, and am thinkig of getting myself a piece eventually...

    ENJOY your new bag!
  13. Welcome, Ashley! Congrats on your new bag!
  14. Love it! Welcome!!
  15. Welcome Ashleigh, nice bag! Enjoy it.