New to Purse Forum

  1. Hi, everyone. I found this Forum when I was doing some surfing to decide what kind of bag I want to buy to replace my black workhorse. (I've been carrying a Coach for several years but I'm tired of seeing absolutely EVERYONE carrying Coach, including my teenage daughters!) I've been following the Kooba threads for the past few days and really enjoying them. I live in West Virginia and we just don't have nice handbags in the town I'm in! I own a couple of LVs I take out for special occasions and a red Bally that's in my regular rotation. I got a metallic Plinio Visona to carry for summer, but I really need a nice versatile black bag. I'm short and small so I don't want to be overpowered by anything big. I am especially greatful to all of you for the info on the sample sale and authentic eBay sellers - I may go that route if I don't find something on Revolve with the new customer code. Thanks again for all the great info!

  2. Hi! Welcome to the board. I'm sure you'll get lots of help spending your money here. :p
  3. Welcome Cindy!

    Have you checked out Most styles are shown being modeled so you can get an idea of what they look like on. Just click on the "more views" option of any bag you like & explore!
  4. Thanks for the suggestion about looking at the bags on Kooba's website!
  5. Welcome Cindi. I hear you about not seeing Koobas in WV. I think mine are the only ones in the whole tri-state area. Active Endeavors also show alot of nice views of Koobas.
  6. Lexie, thanks! I hadn't found that website yet!

  7. Hi Cindy, great to have you here:smile: I live on the west coast of Australia, no Koobas here either, so this is my life line to discussing these beauties (and all other fabulous bags out there) Give it some time on this forum and the problem won't be finding a great, black bag, but fending off temptation and the enablers here...