New to Prada

  1. I am new to Prada and wanted to know about this bag I found on What do you think? Thanks for thoughts?

  2. I know the shape (it's a big bag) - can't tell if it's all leather or ??? If you're new to Prada (and to BlueFly) you might want to wait and watch the site for a few weeks and learn your Pradas unless this is singing to some special place in your soul. That's just my take. It's a pretty elemental example -- big and great as a tote but there are much nicer things out there. Then again, can't find it on Fly so not sure what it's marked down to.
  3. personally I like bags with shoulder straps,especially detachable ones..more convenient and agree with jenskar,there are a lot of things out there,you might as well change your mind after seeing more pics.