new to prada-will i be pleased?

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  1. last night, i ordered a pair of black prada ankle boots from nm. very basic design but i really like 'em. i have never bought high end shoes other than a pair of cole haan $150 sandals last summer(love em) and a pair of chanel canvas wrap around the ankle wedges for my college daughter which she wore only once so no idea of wear/tear.
    so, will these be comfy? durable? just wanted a pair of cute boots to wear with jeans to mall, movies. i'm a busy mom so not often dressing up.
    i saw a 2 die 4 prada tote at Saks a few days ago-chanel-like leather wrapped chain handles and black with metallic fleks-was sooo tempted to get it but it was 2000 and want to think it out, but then i thought maybe i am overlooking a great label(Prada)
    so someone please fill me in....:yes:
  2. I think Prada shoes and boots are worth every penny -- if they fit your feet. The cut tends to be specific/high arch, good for wider feet often too. Which ones did you order? I got the linea rosa black ankle booties with 3 inch heels and have worn them to death -- almost every shoe in my closet is Prada. The few times I've said, oh heck, why am I spending so much on shoes and boots and gone with a cheaper brand, I find them wearing out and completely unforgiving on any rain/wetness/stomping around. The soles and heels last well too -- something you cannot say for cheaper brands.
  3. I have to be honest about my experience with designer shoes, some are good, some are not..and of the same designer. Perhaps its the shape of my feet, but I do have a pair of prada wedges (open toed) that are uncomfortable. It doesn't mean all of them will do that for you or me, just that I can not say they are all super comfy, KWIM? I'm sure they will be good quality, and you probably have a good chance it will work out for you since they're boots. Best to try them on at home on all types of surfaces and walk fast. Sometimes you're ok if you walk slow or short distances but not all shoes are made for walking fast and long. Hope they work out! For that much money they should!
  4. I don't have any Prada shoes so I cannot tell. But I agree with kneehighz. It depends on the shape of your feet and the design of the shoes. A pair of comfy shoes doesn't mean it will fit another. The most comfortable shoes I've worn are Taryn Rose. They are expensive, but they worth every penny.
  5. thanks gals-i am a mom of 5 and totally into comfort while i'm lugging toddlers around...and i've worn this pair of $70 enzos to death, but i am ready for some more fashionable footwear. i will keep my fingers crossed that the pradas are for my feet. thanks again everyone. can't wait to try them...