New To Prada..Question Makeup Bag

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    I don't have any prada, only LV, but I think this is the cutest little pouch. It is $14o at NM. Does anyone have it? I also have my eye on this bag...
    So just wondering what your thoughts are
  2. the makeup bags of prada are to recommend...
    i have a dark red one, using it over 4 years now everyday with me in my handbag, did also put it twice into the washing machine and it is still almost as new...

    at the outlet i got know a new rose one, see pic, which was 50euros and a bit bigger as the red one i got, because i carry more make-up stuff now...

    i do really like them and think that they are worth their money because you can keep them for such a long time - and have joy everytime you use it seeing the triangle :smile::graucho:
    prada makeup trousse.JPG
  3. Funny thread to pop up: I've been recently mulling over whether I want to chunk over $100 into a makeup bag myself. I may end up doing it now. :yes:
  4. I'm personally looking into the fendi make up bag, it looks way cuter.

    The prada one is kind of boring


    It's $155, so similar price range
  5. I got a similar bag at Neiman Marcus - but mine isn't one of the flat styles - it's a bit bigger. I like it - got it after I sold my Balenciaga green makeup bag - which I loved, but loved getting the $$$ for it a bit more!

    I don't think the Prada is boring...YMMV...
  6. Ooh!!! I love would match my nylon gauffre......!!!!! Neiman's?
  7. Nothing boring about this Prada cosmetic bag. :graucho:

    And she's MINE! :devil:

  8. I love this! I am also new to prada but would love to have this cosmetic pouch! What sort of price would it be in the UK and where do I purchase it from? Also, someone mention a prada outlet!?? Where are they?
  9. I love the Prada cosmetic bags! (I have waaay too many of them!) The nylons clean up very well (and safely) in the washing machine. I love that I do not have to worry about them; they are easily cleaned and they stay in one piece. :smile:
  10. WOOOOOOOOOOW definitely not boring.

    I love it.

    I want it :sweatdrop:
  11. Thanks ilurvebags!! I found its mate this morning on Bluefly. I'm normally a keychain person versus a keycase person, but after investing in my first Hermes, I don't want to be tossing my keys into my bag and risk damaging the interior of the bag. It's been something that's bothered me for a while with my other nicer bags too. A keycase will keep them tucked nicely away and protect the linings of my bags, in style might I add. ;)

    So now I've got a matched set! :tender:

  12. beautiful!
    such yummy goodies to go inside your bag, it's making me excited! haha :heart:
  13. Thanks, ilurvebags! Can't wait to see them myself. The only thing I'm wondering is if Prada makes its key hooks large enough to accommodate these HUGE keys we have with all the buttons on them. I guess I'll find out later this week. ;)