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  1. :yahoo: Hello there everyone. My name is Angie & this is my 1st post. Well a little about myself. I'm from CA and I am a self proclaimed shoeaholic. My favorite designers are BCBG, Paolo & Charles David. I love shoes of all kinds ie... Pumps, Wedges, Sandals & sneakers. You name it I love them well actually worship them as silly as that may sounds, I'm just being honest. As far as purses go I am also a purseaholic that in the past was hooked on Coach & Dooney & Bourke, but since becoming friends with a co-worker & am leaning towards purchasing my 1st B Bag. They are absolutley BEAUTIFUL!!!!! My plan is to in the next 2 months or so buy my 1st B Bag & by the time I go to NY in December buy my 2nd one there. I'm not sure which I want 1st but I'm really feeling the Day Bag. I love Big bags. I have a pretty large collection of Coach bags I no longer carry that I was hoping to sell with the exception of my ole trusty black leather, the large Sig Duffle & a yellow leather. I hope to put that money towards my 1st B Bag to somewhat cushion the price shock. Don't get me wrong I do beleive in spending for good quality merchandise but DANG!!!!! I'll get over it I guess. Do you think they will sell? Well that is a little about me & hope to send more post & make new purseaholic freinds.
  2. Welcome! This forum is great!
  3. welcome to the forum!
  4. Welcome to the forum.You'll get alot of helpful advice when it comes to the purchase of your first balenciaga.Best of luck to you on selling all those Coach handbags.
  5. welcome to the dark side angie!!! hehe
    I'm glad I could corrupt you
  6. welcome!
  7. Welcome! Nice to have you here!

    Now, about your 1st Bbag.. which size and colour were u thinking? That's usually a couple of the hardest decisions, lol!
  8. Welcome to tPF! :flowers:
  9. Thanks everyone for such a warm welcome. Now as far as my 1st B Bag purchase I was thinking about an ink Day, but still a little undecided. I do like the many of the other colors but i need to be practical for the 1st one. Dont you think??? & yes that is a cry for B Bag assistance.
  10. welcome!!!!!!!{{{hug}}}
  11. welcome! would love to see pics of your shoe collection as well!
  12. welcome!!! i used to be a hoe addict, but i leave them for bags...
  13. Welcome!
  14. a hoe addict?

  15. LOL! the best spelling error all day! :roflmfao: