New To PF and New To Hermes.

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  1. Hi guys!

    This is my 1st post, so excuse me If I dont use the correct terms.

    I was wondering why Hermes doesn't sell thier bags on line?
    And, Why havent I seen any bags in thier stores?

    I know I sound clueless, I'm new to all this.

    thanks guys!
  2. Welcome! I would think the reason they don´t sell bags online is that the demand would outdo the supply:confused1: But then again I´m always clueless. In the stores you should definitely see some bags though, or do you means spefically Birkins etc.?
  3. H wants the client to understand the brand the craftsmentship the skins etc all that can not be passed on via a website.
    but there are bags in the shops just not birkins (at least not often)

    but wlcome stickaround and you will dive into the fab orange universe
  4. Thanks for the warm welcomes!

    I know Birkins are in high demand and If I'm not mistaken- Hand Made?

    But I dropped into the Hermes store here in SF and I didnt see any bags! only ties, scarves and blankets. Do I need To Ask a SA to see the bags?

    To be honest- I feel intimidated when I go in the store, I own several LV bags, and a prada too- but I'm still new to the wonderful world of purses.

    If the bags are not available on line, and I feel .. :sweatdrop: too nervous to go into the store, how do I get my Hermes bag?

    Thanks again for all the help!
  5. Hmm I don't know about your store but most H stores carry a variety of hand made bags. They are offered in different colors and leather as well.
    Don't feel intimidated going into the store. Find a SA you feel comfortable with and don't be afraid to ask questions.
    We all have to start somewhere.
    Good LUck and Welcome!!
  6. I understand from others on this forum that the store in SF is not often well stocked so that may have contributed to your situation. Best advice is to stick around, use the reference section on the forum to find styles and colours and leathers that you really like and then ask in the store to see anything like that - you won't come across as absolutely clueless and the staff should have some ideas of how to help you. My local store in the UK only ever gets the iconic bags like Kellys and Birkins as special orders for clients so if you want to examine them you'll often have to travel to bigger stores or really smooze the staff so they show you what has come in for other people - it does happen! If you find that you like to learn about the craftsmanship and almost infinite variety of H bags then you'll do fine.
  7. Welcome!
    When you say you aren't seeing any bags in your local store, are you saying you're not seeing Birkins specifically? Because that's normal. Most stores hold the majority of their Birkin and Kelly stock in the back and only display a few items at a time. Even the bigger stores like Madison Ave in NYC often don't have a Birkin sitting right out on the sales floor.
    Also, about the selling online question...part of the beauty of Hermes bags is that they are all individual. They are each handmade, as you were already aware, but also, each skin is different, the options for the leathers are numerous and varied, and each individual craftsman has a very slightly different style if you compare them one to another. Add to that the many variations in size, hardware choice, even style (retourne or sellier for Kelly, for example), and each bag really is one of only a limited few that are just like it on paper. Even two black Birkins in Togo leather from the same year, when held next to one another, will have slight variations. That would make it basically impossible for Hermes to ever sell their items online--and, of course, there's the whole experience of shopping in the boutique, learning about the brand, appreciating it for what it really is (not a fashion accessory for most), and naturally, the very limited supply that cannot keep up with the demand.
    Hopefully you'll have a great experience here on the forums and learn so much that you'll be confident going into your local H boutique and being able to have a conversation that covers all the details with the SA you meet.
    Good luck!
  8. Welcome!
    I've learned so much here since I started in the Hermes forum last spring. It's a great source with lots of nice people.:smile:
  9. Welcome to H land!
  10. Welcome! Have fun looking through the reference threads - I know they have been an invaluable tool for me. Always something new to learn when it comes to Hermes.

    The SF store is not the best stocked store by any means but they usually do have a limited selection of Trims, Evelynes, Kellys, Bolides, and now, Lindys, to view and touch. I find the SAs at the SF store to be very nice though sometimes not as knowledgable as I have found elsewhere. They will DEFINITELY take things out for you to look at and admire. :drool:
  11. Welcome to the ORANGE side!
    As the others have all mentioned, the best way to get acquainted with H as a brand is to look through all the reference threads, they really are a whole wealth of knowledge!

    Don't be afraid of going to the store and just asking to see different leathers and learning more about them... I think I annoy my SA alot with my endless questions but we both have a lot of fun looking at all that H has to offer ;)
  12. Welcome to the ORANGE side, NstyleShopahlic. As it is, the ladies have shared valuable info with you. I shall not say more.

    Stick around the forum. Shopping orange is a wonderful experience (from knowing the workmanship to the history of the brand) which I dare say no other namebrands can offer.
  13. NstyleShopahlic: Welcome! I am a newbie here too and I am still learning about Hermes from the experts here.
  14. NstyleShopahlic, I feel at learning about Hermes (like learning in general)
    is a lifelong process, and that's a good thing. ;)
    Welcome to the board. :smile:
  15. Thanks! I am excited about learning more and getting to know everyone!

    What If my hubby goes to the store to pick me up a xmas gift ( I have been dropping hints.. ) are the SA pretty nice to clueless guys in SF?