New to PF and Balenciaga!

  1. I am new to the PF AND I want to get my first Balenciaga. :yahoo:

    After looking at all of your amazing bags I have decided that I would love a City. I am having trouble with the color though and I thought I should leave the world of lurking and see if anyone had any suggestions.

    I love the Electric Blue color but do you think that would work as an everyday bag? I wear a lot of Black so I thought it might add a little pop to my wardrobe. Any help would be great!
  2. Welcome to TPF and Balenciaga!! I think that EB would be an excellent choice if you're looking for a pop of color to go with a more neutral wardrobe!!
  3. I'm new here too but welcome! Prepare to become addicted.
  4. Hi Jenna55! Welcome to PF:flowers:
    I think that the blue one is perfect to begin! :yahoo:
    If the Electric Blue seems to you too pop,could choose the delicate and wonderful Sky Blue!!! :love:
  5. Welcome to your newest addiction! Seriously, they are addicting and EB would be a gorgeous pop of color to a neutral wardrobe.
  6. Yay! :smile: You are all so nice. I think I am already addicted!

    I am going to go check out NM in Fashion Island to see their selection and let you know what I decide. If they don't have a lot Aloha Rag is a good place to order from, right?
  7. Hi Jenna welcome to tpf and bbags!!! AR is a wonderful place to order from - they really do try to match you up with a bag with whatever you tell them you're looking for.

    I love the idea of EB as a nice pop of color for you!
  8. I ordered my first bbag (Vert D'eau City) from Aloha Rag and she's PERFECT! I asked for soft, smoshy, but not too veiny and they gave me just that! Plus no tax or shipping is always a bonus! As for color, my 2nd bag was an Electric Blue and I absolutely adore her! I have to wear all black to work so the blue works asa great pop of color, but even on days when I'm not in work clothes, the blue is still a great addition. its a wonderful color, especially for your first bbag! I think you'll really like it--it changes color depending on the lighting which is nice too. GL HTH!
  9. Welcome to the PF and the bbag board!:smile: Electric Blue would be great for a pop of color. There is also a turquoise that will be out soon, probably in March. I love the City too, it's my favorite and a great bag. Not too big, not too small and I love that it has a shoulder strap and handles. Look at the pictures of bags, decide what leather you like and color, then start searching. AR is very good at helping you find a perfect bag and they have a lot of patience. BNY can be good sometimes, depending if they are cranky that day or not.:p NM, Saks and Barneys are also good sources if you can find someone that knows what they are talking about.
  10. Hello and welcome to tPF! :p

    EB is the one o8 color that I have been very impressed with! The leather on all of them to seem very, very silky :yes: I own an Ocean bbag (which is similar, not *as* bright) and it goes with ALOT more than I expected, and it adds a nice pop of color. I would definitely suggest an EB City for you, it will go great with black! i love wearing my ocean with black.

    please post pics!!!
  11. Welcome! :welcome:

    I think an EB City would be gorgeous. Like verty, I have Ocean and I wear it with all sorts of things!

    I also just bought a Sky Blue bag, which is really GORGEOUS, like the Caribbean ocean. It goes with a lot too... in general I think the blues are quite versitile.
  12. I concur, an EBG city would be outstanding to add pop to a neutral wardrobe.
  13. Welcome! I agree with all the above posters, the EB would be an excellent choice and a nice pop of color against a neutral wardrobe. And the city is the perfect style for your first bbag! :tup:
  14. Hi Jenna, welcome to PF!! The City is a wonderful, versatile style so it can definitely be used as an everyday bag. As for EB, go for it!! (Have you checked out the clubhouse? There are tons of great pictures in there) Let us know what you decide to get!! ;)
  15. welcome! and here begins the wonderful addiction that is balenciaga.....

    i LOVE EB but there are some AMAZING colours coming out is the f/w collection , (people are saying something about them coming out in march i think?)

    if i were you i would wait to see those colours unless your IN LOVE with EB