new to paypal

  1. I sold something over at eBay and the buyer already sent a payment. My question is how long does it really take for the transfer (paypal to my bank account)?

    Will appreciate every answer I'll get here! thanks in advance :yes:
  2. In the UK when I transfer from Paypal to my bank it takes around 4 business days.

    Hope that helps
  3. Once its in your Paypal account then it is yours unless they do a claim, even after you have withdrawn if they claim your account will go negative..recommend sending once in your account as most buyers are pretty good.
  4. Thanks for the quick reply guys!! I really do appreciate it :biggrin:
  5. Yeah, as soon as someone pays for something in PayPal you could ship it out that same day. It's automatically in your PayPal account. (Unless it's an ECheck and then PayPal will tell you not to ship until it shows that the ECheck has cleared)

    As for a transfer from PayPal into your bank account, I think that it is about 3-4 days. Shouldn't be too long I don't think.
  6. Paypal says 3-4 via transfer. They have the option to send a check but it takes longer and there is a fee (I think it's $1.20).
  7. correct!
  8. It usually takes 4 days here in PA.
  9. took out almost $30 worth for some fee though, then eBay for another $20+.. they take out so much... but then again, w/o them I wouldn't have made any money anyway
  10. just checked my paypal account.. it says that the transfer was already completed but can't see it in my bank account? :sad: delayed maybe?
  11. The transfer takes 3-4 days to process and it will not show up in your account until then.
  12. oh ok. thank you! sorry for my ignorance!