New to Obesession! Wallets

  1. Hello, I'm new to this particular type of obsession. Actually, I haven't taken the plunge yet but I can't wait. I've been eyeing wallets for the last few weeks and can't stop! Where do you recommend I start? I'd like to get the best looking I can but want to ease my way into the higher price range. Can you tell me where I should start looking to buy? I'm open to resale. Thanks!!!!:yahoo:
  2. Depends on whether you want a zip-around wallet or clutch wallet etc? What's your initial budget? Any favourite colours? What are the wallets you like so far?
  3. Thanks for replying. I like the bi-fold and tri-fold. I like clean lines but I'm trying to venture out. That's why I asked for a little direction. I saw a marc jacobs quilted patent leather wallet I liked.
  4. I think you can have a wardrobe of wallets, just as you do of handbags. I have a certain wallet that I keep my international $$ in, so that when I travel, I just pull out that wallet. It is a European wallet from Il Bisonte. For every day I use a Cole Haan (bought at outlet) zip around that is like a mini office, with compartments. It is a burnt orange color, reminiscent of Hermes. I would love to have a Mark Jacobs $475 (!) wallet/clutch, but can't get myself to spend on it. That is a very heavy wallet though. But good to just take out of your purse and use as a clutch when dashing to grocery. So, get a few different styles on sale. My theory on wallets is: you are in and out of them at least 50 times a day -- so get a really good one that will hold up, and get one that you like, because hey, you have to deal with it so many times during the day. I find unkempt, overstuffed, long past their prime, funky wallets to be very unappealing!
  5. You should take a look at they have some great looking wallets and the prices arent bad at all. Good luck and have fun on your search!
  6. i was looking at some cole haan wallets at bluefly for a while. i think they are nicely made, simple,functional and are priced reasonably.
  7. I love wallets! I have about five high-end wallets and several lower-priced that I switch around to.

    I think everyone should have a chanel wallet in their collection and an LV. The LV Mono lasts forever and takes a beating.
  8. ooh, i'm going to take a look at the LV mono. Thanks!
  9. I am a fan of LV wallets. They have several different styles. You could check for a rundown of the different styles. Also they basically come in all the materials/designs that they do their handbags in. You can get good deals on eBay, just make sure it is a reputable seller. If you have questions on authenticating a wallet on eBay BEFORE you buy it, you can post a link in the AUTHENTICAT THIS LV thread! GOOD LUCK!
  10. I bought a LV Epi purse (sorry, English girl talking here) and loved it - wasn't too expensive either. I have recently got a Hermes Dogon though and love it, but it was, predictably, very expensive. . .thankfully, I didn't fund it!
  11. cgsprings- thanks for the link. i just bought a pink one!!!