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  1. How much bigger is the Piccadilly than the Bayswater??? I like a big bag, but not too big. Thanks!
  2. Hi and welcome Melissann . The Piccadilly is more of an overnight bag . If you want something inbetween try the large bayswater.
  3. hello and welcome from me too

    Regular Bayswater is a good size for everyday ... how much stuff do you need to carry? As Flossie says, the picadilly is more suited to travelling.
  4. Thank you for the help! I tend to carry too much stuff. I have 4 (yikes) small children and tend to carry stuff for them too. And why do I also end carrying my husband's wallet, keys, etc.???? Is the large Bayswater only available on the Mulberry website??
  5. No , they had a few at the outlets. Are you near any Mulbery stores??
  6. Unfortunately I am not near any Mulberry stores. I'm in Dallas.:sad:
  7. You can order from the New York or Atlantic City Mulberry stores. They ship.
  8. yeah, it would be too large. I mean - think of a bag what you would use going to gym and double it! I was amazed too how big it was.
  9. Picadilly would be way too big for a day bag and super heavy if you filled it!
  10. welcome to the mulberry forum!
  11. Welcome, nice to see a new Mulberry fan. For me the Bayswater is way to big, I prefer the e/w size. Have you seen a Bays IRL? You may find it is big enough for your everyday bag.
  12. I have not had a chance to see one. I think they are not as well known in the states, but can't wait to get my hands on one!