New to Mulberry

  1. Hello, everyone-

    I'm starting to become a big fan of these bags. Are they as impressive in person as in the photos?

    I'm having trouble finding sites that carry a good selection, though. I'm in the U.S. Net-a-porter has only one or 2 styles.
  2. they are better !! what about mulberry online ?
  3. I went to the site, but I'm concerned the shipping costs from the UK to the US might be really high.

    I love the Bayswater on Net-a-Porter. I'm thinking of getting that one in black.
  4. go to and check out the US locations, call them and they can mail the bags to you. It's just like buying from a US Mulberry store. I did this and it worked out well.
  5. Thank you so much! I didn't know you could do that.
  6. I'm an addict for Mulberry because of simple design that will last forever, an impressive quality and because I can treat them like a $50 bag and they still look great. So yes, definitely worth an investment, and should you get tired of it in a year or two, it's no problem selling them again due to tmeless design :smile: