New to mulberry, need modeling pics of bayswater & ledbury & ?'s...

  1. Ladies--I went through all 25 pages of the "show me your mulberry thread" & did a board search & only found 1 modeling pic of a bayswater. Would anyone care to share some modeling pics of their bayswater or ledbury? No store around me sells mulberry & it will give me a better idea of the proportions.

    US ladies--where do you prefer to purchase your mulberry? The Saks & Nordies here don't carry mulberry (can order, but don't actually have it in the stores). I am probably looking at black, b/c I need a black bag. I also love the LV black epi alma.

    TIA for any guidance!

  2. Check out .........lots of bags and pics with size dimensions.
  3. I did, but it's not the same as real life pics (as opposed to the mannequin). Still hoping someone might be willing to help out...thanks!
  4. hi there, check out the thread with celebrity pics. Plenty of Kate Moss and her Bayswaters! I have a Ledbury Oak on the way and will try and remember to upload a pic. ; )
  5. Ok - when I finally get dressed will do some modelling pics with the Bayswater, Ledbury and East West - probably won't be till a bit later though;)
  6. If you go to my thread 'Ivy bayswater has arrived' you'll see me modelling a bayswater.
  7. Thank you, all! I think I have narrowed it down to a ledbury or east west bayswater. It's so hard to decide when they don't sell Mulberry anywhere near me :sad: Keep any pics you might have coming!

  8. I bought one Mulberry purse over the phone from their New Jersey store, and I got the other one from Net-a-porter. I had a better experience ordering directly from Mulberry becuase I could tell the salesperson what I wanted directly over the phone. I got a nice thank you card and very quick shipping. Net-a-porter took much longer because it was my first order and they check and make sure your card and mailing address are valid before they ship. I would recommend both of these methods.
  9. Good to know, but net-a-porter doesn't even carry the ledbury or east west bayswater :sad: I called one of the New York stores & the gal was supposed to send me some literature. I also inquired about a custom order (which I heard you can do)....evidently, you can custom order a ledbury, but not an east west bayswater? I'm still waiting on the info, so we'll see.
  10. here is me modelling my Ledbury. I admit it's roomy inside but not huge, the only I'm not satisfied with is that there's no internal pocket, but I think newer models have the internal pocket too
    borse 025.jpg borse 027.jpg borse 029.jpg
  11. Maryg1 Thank you so much for those pictures! Showing what it holds is very helpful. I swear up til now I'd only found two modeling pics of the Ledbury!

    Now... we need some modeling pics of the East West Bayswater too! Don't be shy all you gorgeous ladies!
  12. Oh I forgot to ask: Maryg1: how tall are you?

    Thanks! :smile:
  13. Maryg1--thank you so much! That really helps--it would def. be big enough for me. Dogdoc--maybe your or I should start a new thread asking specifically for modeling pics of the E/W bayswater?
  14. ladies, i just received my black bayswater, and i am madly in love with it

    it is:

    the perfect size
    extremely comfortable on my shoulder and as a satchel
    the most delightfully smelling thing

    the leather is amazing...
  15. Enjoy it BagLover21! Modelling pics please.