New to MJ-How does quilted leather hold up?

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  1. Hi,
    I'm new to Marc Jacobs. I bought the Westside tonight at Bloomingdales but I don't think it's lacquered. It's the regular quilted leather with no chain. I've always loved the "doctor" bags or "speedy" bags in LV. How does the leather hold up in the Marc Jacobs bags? They said I could return it, so I bought it on the Friends & Family sale and am thinking about it. I loved the grey color, which looks more like a neutral than grey. Also, are all of the MJ bags made in Italy? It doesn't say that inside like my LV says it's made in Paris. Thanks!
  2. That's a great bag! The leather is fine. Just don't throw it around and treat it badly. You might want to spray rain/stain protector on it if you keep it.

    I have lots of quilted MJs. I have never had any problems with mine. but, then again, i am extra careful and baby them.
  3. PS: As far as I know, all the MJ bags are made in Italy.
  4. Welcome to MJ! The quilted leather is very durable. It should say "Made in Italy" inside the bag under "MARC JACOBS". The Westside Satchel is a great everyday bag: I love it~ reminds me of a fancier 'speedy'. I love the Westside and say you should definitely keep it. Don't return it: with the Bloomies F&F sale discount, it is a great price for a gorgeous quilted leather bag!
    Like NAS says: you should treat it with a leather protector like Applegard or Lovin' My Bags products, and that will definitely help protect it against stains, etc.
  5. I thought it should say "Made in Italy" too under the Marc Jacobs name but it doesn't. :sad: I'm not one to baby my purses but I'm not rough on them either. I have a Burberry with quilted leather and I've never had any problems with it, but it has some pieces of leather on it as well as the quilted leather. How much soft treatment will this bag need? I wondered if the quilted leather is easy to tear.

    I am also interested to know if the Westside that Bloomies has is made especially for them since it's not listed on the MJ website and doesn't have the chain handle.
  6. I just purchased my first MJ last night from with friends & family promo & I can't wait to get it!
  7. There should be some tags inside the inner pocket. One of the tags should show where it is made and another tag should show the season it's from. Congrats on your new bag!
  8. You are right! I'm used to LV bags actually having it made into the bag. This one was made in Italy and is made of lamb. What happens when these get wet? Of course I try not to let any of my bags get wet but when it's raining sometimes they do get a little wet. Will it spot??
  9. mj quilted leather holds up extremely well. i don't treat them, wear them out in the rain and snow, and there are no spots or stains whatsoever. i would recommend treating just to be safe, but in my experience, it's not required.