New to MJ, fell in love with "papaya" colored bag

  1. Hey everybody,

    i was just browsing around today, and absolutely fell in love with the papaya color- the bag was like a satchel.. I'd like to get as much info as possible on bags that come in this color.

    I'd also like feedback on how sturdy MJ bags are? The bag i held was nice.. but i was just getting this vibe like it wouldn't last long..maybe the leather.. and it was hard to zip/unzip.

    It cost $1275.. but i know MJ's go on sale.. so I'll probably wait to buy it...and just learn more about the bags/lines..etc.

  2. Can you give us more info/ Where did you see it? Was it quilted leather, patchwork or smooth soft leather? You said a satchel - does it have double handles w/a longer shoulder strap? Does it have a chain handle/strap or leather? What about details i.e., pockets, zippers, padlocks, etc?

    MJ makes so many bags each season in various colors, it's too hard to identify one based on the color alone.
  3. [​IMG]

    Here it is!!! :girlsigh:

    Are you guys fans of this style?
  4. I AM! It's the Cecillia... I'm waiting for sales already haha, I can't afford it regular price!
  5. oo that is so cute!
  6. Great Pic! -- And welcome to the MJ thread.:tup:

    Looks like the small Cecilia (two sizes available) in Papaya from Resort 07 line. The design is new with Resort 07.
    We will be happy to enable you. :yes: We love MJ bags!:heart:
  7. I like it - but I think it comes with black straps which I'm not too crazy about. The bag alone I think is really cute!
  8. I saw this bag (it may have been the larger one) at Nordstrom this evening. So pretty!:drool:
  9. Did the Cecilia come in a navy or black too? I thought I saw someone carrying one and the bag was gorgeous!! But it definitely does pop in papaya--it's a great color for spring and summer...
  10. Love those colors and those purses!
  11. I really like the Papaya as well. I love the new colors.
  12. thanks for the welcome and enabling :graucho:

    The quilted marry is adorable! The one on eBay is authentic?

    Papayas..:girlsigh:.. it's like love at first sight! It's actually more like a soft orange than a red.. it would make a nice neutral-pop of color.. if that's possible ;)

    How do you feel about MJ bag qualities?
  13. I know the Nordies i was at was still carrying them in black...not sure about navy