New-to-me tea sloane

  1. I was super excited to find this bag, it's very soft and slouchy but in excellent condition being from 2008. I always seem to fall for old colors, and tea was one that I've been looking for - actually wanted a veneta. I have tried the sloane in the BV boutique but the new leather made the bag very boxy and hard to fit under the arm. It's very soft, lovely color & comfortable to carry.
    tea_sloan_1.jpg tea_sloan_2.jpg tea_sloan_3.jpg
  2. It's lovely!
  3. It's beautiful
  4. What a gorgeous find. Carry her in health and happiness!
  5. OOH! I like that! Enjoy!
  6. very nice a good find
    use it in good health
  7. I have a large tea veneta and it's a lovely color. Great find!
  8. Very Pretty!
  9. It's super gorgeous!! Sloane is always my favorite style!! And it's a lovely color too!
  10. Twin-fun I like your quote. My older daughter has special needs.
  11. What a beautiful color, great find!
  12. beautiful nappa sloane. great find. enjoy.
  13. Congrats! Your sloane looks gorgeous.... :smile:
  14. Tea is a gorgeous color! Congrats on your beautiful Sloane!
  15. Beautiful! Love the color, tea :smile: