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  1. Could not post these no matter how much I shrunk them! Here it is! First photo is the with the 'wrong side' facing out (but this side is in better shape) and the 2nd photo is with the 'correct side' facing out. Also, the first photo the bag is full, 2nd photo it's empty!

  2. Both sides look great! Congrats!
  3. It looks great! congrats, and I like your boots too :cool:
  4. Congrats - looks great on you!
  5. Love the bag and your boots are to die for !!
  6. THANK YOU to all!

    Do you think that the 'drop length' is too long?

    So funny about the boots! I think they look better in photos than in person, but I appreciate the compliments! HA!
  7. Looks great! Love mine too since it was the 2nd LV bag from ions ago.
  8. looks fab...and the boots too, i agree! strap drop looks shorter (and better)
    in the "boots" mod pic...maybe i need glasses!
  9. Congrats .. such a great casual bag .. I love my perfo saumur .. such an easy bag to use and I love the long strap:smile:
  10. Yes! I think so too! I wasnt sure if I had shortened the strap after taling first photo or if it just looks different bc in 1st photo i have ona short sweatshirt and second its a long sweater. Its on the last hole so cant go any shorter : ( .
  11. Thats awesome! It certainly seems like a bag whose style will stand the test of time!
  12. Nice!! She looks perfect on you. Love the honey patina.
    Congrats!! ;)

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  13. Congrats, nice condition~!
  14. ahhh, now i understand! it's a beauty- perfect drop and the size looks great
    on you. congrats and enjoy it!
  15. Great find! Congrats!