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  1. I've been wanting an LV cross-body bag for a while now since I have a Prada cross-body that I love. I really liked the Odeon, but wasnt wild about it on me and thought it was a little too simple. Love the Menilmontant, but wanted a pre-loved bc I plan to wear it with my 3 small kids (ie, high chance of trashing it) but the Meni is so new u cant find it used. So.....
  2. here!
  3. Can't wait any longer! Show us. :smile:
  4. Let me seeeee :woohoo:
  5. ForumRunner_20120217_193626.png

    Any guesses?
  6. lets see
  7. Chantilly or saumur!
  8. show us!
  9. ForumRunner_20120217_202400.png

    Maybe chantilly or saumur....
  10. Saumur for sure... I have both hehe
  11. Technical difficulties!
  12. I don't know what is going on with the uploader, but every time I try to post the photo it doesn't work (never had a problem before). Will try again tomorrow!:sad:
  13. Oooooh here
  14. Going to give it one more try...
  15. You can do it! :popcorn: