New to me printed mulberry camera bag!!

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  1. I have something to show you! Its not ground breaking or very exciting but functional and timeless in my opinion. New to me as of yesterday. Seller was amazing and had the original receipt. I am planning to treat myself to a larger mulberry (after much deliberation) if i pass an exam in a few weeks. I had banned myself and stuck to it for 2 weeks!!! I've seen a few of these on ebay and other pre-loved sites so thought i'd share mine.

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  2. 20190224_144043 (1).jpg 20190224_144846 (1).jpg

    my husband is laughing at me playing with my new bag!
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  3. Lovely - and looks like a useful size!
  4. I haven't seen this bag before, it's beautiful!
  5. I love this, very practical! I bet it fits a fair bit in too

    Ps good luck with the exams
  6. thank you - i'm trying really hard as i want the small zipped bayswater with strap!!
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