“New to me” grey Alexa

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  1. Here is my first purchase of the year... allowed only because I’m selling a few others!

    I was tempted by this bag when it first came out, but missed out through being indecisive. But eventually one appeared in good condition - here she is:

  2. Gorgeous!
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  3. Beautiful, congrats!
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  4. Thanks ladies! It’s the pavement grey version, and I think the leather is called silky calf - can anyone confirm, and would you recommend Collonil spray or gel for this?

    Unfortunately there was no care card with the bag...
  5. Such a beautiful shade! Congrats!
  6. Dear Pessie, beautiful!!
    Love it - The leather looks really soft..:love:
    I believe this is silky calf.
    You may use the Collonil gel and then the spray.
    This is how I treat all my Mulberry bags - It is the perfect combination for them ;)
  7. That’s what I was thinking too - usually works well!
  8. She’s a stunner! Congratulations on a beautiful Lexy!
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  9. Thank you Mayfly! x
  10. It’s gorgeous! Lexies are the best.
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  11. They are fab! But I now need to sell one as I have three... not including my Alexa clutch (surely that doesn’t count)
  12. I’m biased (ahem), but three Lexies sound very reasonable to me.
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  13. Love this! Congratulations :smile: I used to have a foggy grey Alexa and still regret parting with it!
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  14. Where did you wind up getting this? I have my eye on the pavement grey alexa. I think she will be my next bag purchase...You know....If I ever find one!
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  15. Hi, I managed to find one on eBay - they seem to appear quite rarely (presumably because they were only sold for one season) so I set up an eBay alert when I decided I did want one after all, having passed when they were originally on sale... and after a while this one appeared!

    You could also contact some reputable resellers and ask them to let you know if they get any in stock - e.g. npnbags, labelsmostwanted, thefinerthingsaberdeen...

    Good luck!