New to me goodies from Meme's

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  1. I've had a crazy few weeks at work...but here are few goodies i have gotten from meme's recently...

  2. image-776567162.jpg
  3. What is meme ? Sorry for my ignorance !
    Can't wait what u got ;)
  4. let's see....
  5. image-1008902757.jpg

    This is one of three things.....
  6. Memes is a reseller of designer bags :smile:
  7. Sooo pretty! Def on my wishlist!
  8. Next....



    Delightful pm
  9. Congrats! Will need to check out meme's now for goodies!
  10. And last for now.....but more to come soon....


    Pomme cles!
  11. OMG! I love this piece! Aww wish I woulda known she had this! HAHA
    I just did a thread on her. Love her!
  12. Heres the wilshire with my mc cles

  13. Beautiful, congrats!! ;)
  14. Do you like the Pomme Cles or MC Cles better? I'm debating between those 2.
  15. #15 Sep 20, 2012
    Last edited: Sep 20, 2012
    I definitely like to pomme better...I have lots of de so it goes well. I also like the fact that its worn in a little...still in excellent shape but moves better than the new mc cles.