New to me- Distressed Nikki!!!

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  1. It is an old style of the Rebecca Minkoff Nikki. It's a distressed leather, and it is seriously the softest bag I have ever felt. I am so amazed at the texture, and this is so unlike a bag I would normally wear because it has silver hardware. I just loved the details on this bag!!! Also, I got it for a steal on Poshmark

    Look how slouchy and perfect:


    Here it is flat (with all my stuff) so you can see the detailed wrinkling
  2. Gorgeous.
  3. Looks yummy soft! Nice find!
  4. I have this same Nikki and it is one of my absolute favorites. Congrats! :tup:
  5. Yay! My distressed nikki is easily my fav of all my bags :smile:
  6. I have always loved this and have yet to get one lol..I haven't seen too many good used ones...OP your new Nikki is GORG!!!!! Lucky girl!!! Enjoy her !!!!
  7. Really beautiful... congrats!