New-to-me damier bucket thanks to the lovely Jill!

Feb 13, 2006
I recently bought the damier bucket from PF member Jill! It was her first LV bag so I'm going to take extra special care of this one for her lol :biggrin:. Anyway, it's a gorgeous bag and just thought I would do a little unwrapping post, even tho towards the end I was impatient and just ripped off the tissue paper so you can't see the great wrapping job she did lol.

This one is of the box and Jill's adorable purse stationary - I blacked out her last name for privacy reasons:

Ooh, excitement building!

The bag!

A pic of me carrying it! (I was too embarrassed to post this at first cause I just got home from class and not exactly looking my best, but the hell with it!)

I just have one question - the elastic siding (don't know what you call it) on one of the straps has kind of come loose in one spot. If I take the bag to LV boutique, would they repair it for me? I just want to get it fixed so it won't get bigger. Also, what's the procedure for getting a bag repaired if you didn't buy it yourself. do you need proof of purchase or anything?

Anyway - thanks for letting me share this lovely bag :love: and a big thank you to Jill!