New (to me) Bruno Magli bag!

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  1. Hey, I just recieved my bag from ebay and would love to hear what you guys think!:flowers:

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  2. very pretty, classic design!
  3. Thanks! I was hoping it was classic and not just an old ladies bag :upsidedown:
  4. Cute...I love vintage!
  5. Very pretty.
  6. Thanks!! :smile:The leathers sooo silky
  7. Very cute, very nice color! Love the extra strap. I don't care for their shoes though, I bought my husband a pair and they look strangely cheap.

  8. Oh really? Wow I didn't expect that! :sad:

    I assumed they were high-end (ish!!!) cos of their reputation for shoes but oh well!

    I'm getting the strap shortened tomorow cos otherwise I'll just get jean dye all over it !! :sad:

    Thanks :smile:
  9. :P It's cute, but I have to admit, it reminds me of Sophia's bags from Golden Girls!
  10. Gorgeous bag in a gorgeous color! Definitely not an "old lady" bag. It's timeless and extremely elegant. You wear it well!

  11. wow thanks:shame:
  12. Very classy!!!!!!!!!! Great buy!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Nice!
  14. I am thoroughly impressed with the quality of Bruno Magli purses and shoes. My favorite pair of shoes were the beige Magli ones I bought when I had my first "business" job (outside the pizza parlor); at that time I paid $175 for them (ouch!, I was just 17). The leather was great. I had the heel replaced a few times, but they finally gave out. They lasted about 17 years - the leather was incredible.

    I know you'll enjoy your new purchase - wear it in good health!

  15. That's great to hear ! Thanks :tup: