"New to me" another great score from EBAY

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  1. I love the patina on the MC Speedy. It's really really beautiful. Congrats on completing your collection.
  2. Beautiful bag! Did you get it for a good price?
  3. Totally gorgeous! Congrats!
  4. Great find! :tup: Such a nice patina on it. Enjoy it!
  5. Congrats!
  6. Perfect in every way. Now you wob't be scared to use it right away as with a BN bag.
  7. Great patina! I love the color combo too! Congrats!
  8. Saved over $1200 from the current list price, so I'm happy, plus like I said I need it already dark Patina to match so it was a win-win for me
  9. Congrats. ITs such a great bag.
  10. gorgeous! the patina actually looks great with the purse, and i'm the type thats not too fond of patina
  11. Congrats!!! She's gorgeous!
  12. congrats! best bag EVER!
  13. Congrats, looks great!
  14. I love the patina!
  15. Congrats! She is beautiful!