"New to me" another great score from EBAY

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  1. Well Addy helped me prior to bidding, and Lee just confirmed with the pictures I took this morning when it arrived, so finally my search for a perfectly patina white speedy MC(to match the pochette, bracelet, and other accessories I got when it was first released as a limited edition)
    IS OVER!!!!!!:yahoo:
    It's sister who is glad to see it
  2. WOW....Congrats, love the color combo and the patina on the Speedy.
  3. YEA FOR YOU!!!

    I'm so happy for you, I cant wait till I find all of the LE items I want.:P
  4. WOW the patina on that bag is gorgeous. congrats!
  5. How nice!! Congrats!!! Love MC Speedies!!
  6. how much how much???????!!!!

  7. So nice!! Congrats!
  8. awesome, so pretty! congrats!
  9. congrats...show us the whole collection.
  10. oooh...this bag is so pretty and feminine...Classy...

  11. It's beautiful, congrats!
  12. The patina is so nice! Great score!
  13. wow! the patina IS perfect!
  14. Wow, the color combo and patina is *GORGEOUS*. :girlsigh:

  15. Excellent color combo!!! Love the purples!